Guiding principles
Guiding principles

Arnold Guiding principles

The larger a company becomes, the more it requires clear structures and guidelines. The top priority of our work is to always provide customers with the best possible support and services, regardless of which country they are in or whom they contact. 

What was easy to communicate to the few employees in the beginning has now grown into guiding principles that help all members of the Arnold team to always act in a customer-oriented manner.

For us the customer is king
Our products and services are designed to meet the needs and expectations of our customers as best as possible. We always strive to create added value for our customers.
Our customers as partners
As a traditional family business, our employees work in teams appropriate to the project circumstances and in close cooperation with our clients' employees to achieve the best possible results.
By constantly striving for innovations and novelties that bring even more benefits to our customers, we differentiate ourselves from the competition and deliver innovative solutions for our products and business processes.
Quality „made in Germany“
Our development and manufacturing in Germany enables us to guarantee our customers the highest possible quality standard.
Learning organization
We believe that a company must constantly improve. That is why we also optimize our products and processes to achieve the best possible results for our customers and to use the resources available to us responsibly.
Motivated employees
Our employees are our capital! The success of our company stands and falls with our employees. That is why we offer our employees a high degree of self-determination and company subsidies in various areas. To achieve this, we expect commitment, responsibility, initiative and creativity from our employees.
We strive to be the best in our respective fields of activity. We set ourselves very high, but at the same time always realistic goals. Our demands on ourselves always increase with the achievement of previously set goals.
Team orientation
Teamwork is a top priority at ARNOLD - not only because of the nature of our family business, but also because of the increase in productivity and the higher satisfaction of our employees.
We feel obliged to our environment and the following generations. For this reason, we want to operate sustainably and use our resources responsibly in order to help our customers, through our products and services, to also operate energy-efficiently and produce more effectively.

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