Honing and Spinning operation
Honing and Spinning operation

Honing and Spinning operation

Mobile honing and rolling is often used on turbine rotors and heavily stressed waves. For this specialized on-site processing ARNOLD offers flexible and individual services at the highest level.

Finest surface roughness through mobile honing

Honing is a mechanical process for improving the surfaces and the dimensional and geometrical accuracy of plant components, achieving even more accurate results than grinding. Honing creates the finest surface roughness and specific topographies of the surface profile can also be achieved.

Thanks to the continuous development of processes and machines, ARNOLD Honen offers the highest technical level and the latest quality criteria. Precise and variable honing machines allow us to meet individual requirements and react flexibly to the needs of your plant.

Professional roller burnishing for a higher surface quality

Rolling leads to work hardening which increases the strength and quality of surfaces. This surface quality plays an important role in modern industry, because numerous components and plant components are exposed to heavy loads. In order to be able to withstand this and to ensure optimum functioning and a long service life, the surfaces must be as hard, smooth and corrosion-resistant as possible. The contact stress between the smooth roller and the machined surface resulting from rolling results in plastic deformation as soon as the material yield strength is exceeded. This smoothing process achieves a surface quality that meets the highest demands.

The ARNOLD mobile honing machines and roller burnishing tools enable optimum surface processing directly on site – without any transport or time loss.

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