Shaft Machining

Shafts fulfill an important function in various industries and industrial plants. Their damage or failure accordingly causes negative economic consequences. To avoid these negative consequences and to keep the system running at all times, ARNOLD offers mobile shaft machining for all applications.

Custom-made mobile shaft machining

ARNOLD realizes shaft machining from Ø 30 mm to Ø 2000 mm manufacturer tolerance. According to this tolerance or according to customer specifications, the finest surface qualities can be achieved. All common thread types can be cut up to Ø 700 mm.

Even heavily used waves can often be repaired thanks to state-of-the-art technology and highly trained technicians. For individual requirements, we will find tailor-made solutions for you.

Professional rotor shaft machining on site

A common field of application for our mobile on-site machining is rotor shaft machining. Here we carry out work with a maximum tolerance of 0.020 mm on rotor pins or hollow shafts, coupling halves and sealing profiles or grooves. In addition, ARNOLD grinds compressor and turbine blades. With our modern mobile grinding machines, we are able to perform machining operations such as turning, grinding or honing both in the axial and in the radial direction. Very often we also process complex contours with a maximum tolerance of 0.020 mm.

Routine and experienced, together with our excellent machine equipment, provide excellent results in shaft machining. Consistently high quality is our standard, which we fulfill thanks to consistent innovation and continuous research. Benefit from our mobile shaft machining.

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