Cold Protection Insulation Systems
Cold Protection Insulation Systems

Cold Protection Insulation Systems

Enormous energy-saving potential can be realized not only in the area of thermal insulation, but also in cold protection, and climate protection can be promoted. Low temperatures are much more costly to generate than heat. Therefore, both process cooling and cryogenic cooling pose special challenges to the insulation material.

Perfect workmanship and optimal fit are essential, as the condensation that would otherwise occur can lead to freezer burn. Damage to the corresponding component as well as to the insulation system is thus favored. That is why ARNOLD processes flexible and reliable Armaflex insulation, with which the formation of condensation can be additionally prevented.

In addition, maintaining the specified operating and media temperatures plays an important role in cold insulation. Throughout its service life, the cold insulation must also withstand extreme conditions. Robust and durable materials are therefore indispensable. In order to develop customized and functional insulation systems, ARNOLD focuses entirely on the requirements in your company.

Customized cold insulation for every application

ARNOLD offers high-quality materials and individual cold protection solutions for every application. We are continuously working on the further development and optimization of our solutions and products so that you always benefit from modern and innovative insulation systems. Regular checks ensure that we always deliver first-class quality that you can rely on.

The target of our professional cold insulation is to reduce operating and energy costs, to maintain the value of the plants in the long term and thus to enable sustainable business. For both low-maintenance and high-maintenance plant components, we therefore develop and produce cold insulation that meets the highest standards.

Our experts have extensive expertise in all design and technical issues. The ARNOLD refrigeration specialists will also find the right solution for your system.

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