Protection against Fire
Protection against Fire

Protection against Fire

A fire in industrial plants can have disastrous consequences and not only cause property damage, but also demand human lives. However, the increasingly complex developments in the supply engineering of buildings, power plants and technical systems lead to an enormously increased risk of fires and the transmission of flue gases. It is therefore all the more important to integrate structural fire protection into the building design very early on. Legal standards for preventive fire protection measures also play an important role and must be adhered to.

ARNOLD offers you comprehensive and individual system solutions around the topic of fire protection. Our team of experts focuses on the conditions and requirements on site and finds the appropriate fire protection insulation for every area of ​​application. But not only for new buildings, but also for the retrofitting of older plants, the professional expertise of a fire protection specialist is indispensable to ensure the safety, to avoid property damage and to save lives.

Extensive fire protection measures for your safety

In the design of a fire safety insulation according to needs, factors such as building size and class as well as the use of the building are taken into account in order to develop an effective fire protection, which guarantees the safety of man and company. ARNOLD fire protection insulation uses only high quality materials that meet the highest demands.

Our range of comprehensive fire protection measures includes:

The ARNOLD fire protection specialists develop customized solutions for you.

Despite the greatest precautions in the operating process, minor fires cannot be completely ruled out. Effective fireproofing prevents major damage from occurring as a result. Therefore, put the safety of your industrial plant and your employees in the hands of professionals.

Further insulation systems for heat, cold and noise insulation

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