Flange machining
Flange machining

Flange Machining

Flanges are used as connecting and sealing elements mainly on heat exchangers as well as reactors, pressure vessels steel towers, wind turbines and turbines. For a tight connection a perfect fit of the flanges is absolutely necessary. Over time, however, the components wear out, so that maintenance and repairs must be made.

Professional flange machining preserves or restores the flatness and tightness of flange connections. With ARNOLD mobile on-site processing, subsequent work on flanges is also possible. Thanks to mobile, modern machines and tools, we can work directly on the system and avoid transportation costs and costs.

On-site machining for new, old and damaged flanges

ARNOLD reworks new and old as well as damaged flange surfaces from Ø 32 mm to Ø 8000 mm. Waves and inclinations are reduced to an absolute minimum. This is how we achieve workshop quality that you can rely on.

The mobile machining of flanges by our experienced technicians ensures unimpaired and smooth operation of all types of equipment and significantly extends the life of the components.

Fields of application for flange work

ARNOLD offers flange machining in various fields of application, a.o. at:

In flange machining, precision and care are decisive for the operation of the system. That’s why we attach great importance to millimeter-accurate work at the highest level. In order to achieve the best possible results, flexible and individual solutions have priority for us. Depending on the conditions on site and the requirements of the system, we develop tailor-made concepts for the flange work to be carried out. We look forward to your inquiry.

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