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ARNOLD Guidelines

Customer is King
Our products and services are drafted to correspond with the requirements and imaginations of our customers as much as possible. We are always anxious to generate additional value for our customers.
Our Customers as Partners
As a traditional family company, our employees work in closely-knit teams according to the project circumstances. This tight employee collaboration provides our customers with the best possible results.
Our innovative engineering approach provides our customers even more value, we differentiate ourselves in respect of the competition and deliver advanced solutions for our products and company processes.
Quality „made in Germany“
Our development and manufacturing in Germany enable our customers to guarantee the highest possible quality standard.
Learning Organization
We consider that a company should continuously improve. Therefore, we optimize our products and processes to achieve the best possible result and to deal responsibly with the available resources.
Motivated Staff
Our employees are our capital! The success of our company relies on them. Therefore we provide our employees a high degree of self-determination and operative subsidies within several fields. In return we expect commitment, responsibility, initiative and creativity from them.
We are anxious to be the best in our respective fields of activity. We always set very high but still realistic goals. Our pretense to ourselves increase steadily with the achievement of goals set before.
Team Orientation
Teamwork at ARNOLD is capitalized, not only through the nature of our family company, but also because of the productivity increases and the higher satisfaction of our employees.
We feel committed to our environment and future generations. For this reason, we want to economize sustainably and handle our resources responsibly to help our customers through our products and services to likewise economize energy efficient and produce effective.