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Research and Development

The ever-increasing demands of our customers as well as our own quality standards are the engine for continuous research and development at ARNOLD.

Together for the highest quality and innovative products

Together with various partners, institutes and universities we work on technological innovations and efficient processes. Highly specialized professionals are in close communication with our employees. The result is an optimal symbiosis of research and industrial practice, which leads to a constant improvement and further development of our products and thus serves the satisfaction of our customers and the fulfillment of the highest standards.

In addition, regular material testing in our in-house test bench enables us to guarantee the very high quality and durability of our insulation systems at all times. Reliable performance and durable products are the result and the benchmark we apply to our work.

Ecological sustainability through continuous research

Environmental sustainability is also the focus of research at ARNOLD. The use of renewable energies as well as resource-efficient management require extensive knowledge of technologies, processes and current developments in the industry.

In order to reduce emissions and to actively protect the environment and keep it clean, we therefore invest in researching new solutions. Only in this way can a long-term success be achieved and a lasting contribution to climate protection be made.