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Insulation for Exhaust Systems and Engines

Engines, combined heat and power plants as well as exhaust systems are manufactured by ARNOLD with the use of the highest quality materials and with the utmost care down to the last detail. This allows us to offer you insulation systems with low insulation thicknesses, the best insulation values and durable insulation materials that are perfectly adapted to your individual needs and technical requirements. Oil-, water- and dirt-resistant substances ensure frictionless operation and the flexible insulation optimally adapts to all components. Thanks to the simple removal of our insulation systems, maintenance of all components is easy and effortless.

In addition to flexible (textile) insulation systems, which comply with all current standards and regulations such as SOLAS, Tier 4 Final and Euro 6, we also offer metal and cassette insulation as well as integral insulation for engine and exhaust components to enable optimum thermal management.

At ARNOLD you get high-temperature insulation with excellent functionality and cost-effectiveness. We combine our entire know-how and our many years of expertise in first-class insulation systems, which are manufactured in our in-house production and are subject to regular quality controls. We are happy to advise you and find the right solution for an optimal insulation system.