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Polar Bear Project

In cooperation with the ITV (Institute of Textile and Process Engineering) in Denkendorf and several other companies, ARNOLD was one of the leading companies of the Eisbär project, in which energy-efficient textile construction with transparent thermal insulation for solar thermal use was modeled on Eisbärfell. The project was funded by the Ministry of the Environment of Baden-Württemberg and the European Regional Development Fund.

The aim of the research project Eisbär was to develop an energy self-sufficient building with an insulated membrane roof for year-round use.

For this purpose, the following preliminary services were carried out by ARNOLD at the Filderstadt location:

  • Development and production of a suitable test stand
  • Development and production of a collector prototype in original size

When creating the Eisbärbaus, ARNOLD was responsible for the following activities:

  • Creation of an insulation concept
  • Realization of the membrane construction
  • Manufacture of thermal solar panels consisting solely of textiles

Since its inauguration on January 14th, 2013, the Polar Bear Pavilion is now kept warm by the power of the sun in summer and winter alone, setting a milestone in the field of solar energy production and storage.