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ARNOLD Milestones

ARNOLD can look back on a long and successful company history. We are proud of the successes that we have been able to achieve so far thanks to our committed employees and our innovative products and look forward to providing excellent services in the future as well.

Here is a selection of the most important milestones in our company history:

1949: Foundation of Eugen Arnold GmbH as a conventional insulation company

1992: Start of the production of textile insulating blankets

1993: First order in the field of turbine insulation

1994: Presentation of our first custom-fit insulation blankets with supporters on the
ASME turbine exhibition in Den Hague. Here the first OEM's got ARNOLD's

1995: Introduction of the 3D CAD engineering technology at ARNOLD as well as the
introduction of a CAD-CAM production

2007: First orders in the area of ​​field services and mobile on-site services

2014: ARNOLD has approximately 337 employees worldwide in Germany, Slovakia,
Russia, United Arab Emirates, China, Singapore & USA.

2015: The total number of employees increases to 340. The largest personnel requirement
exists in Germany, China & Slovakia

2016: In the last year the number of new employees at ARNOLD has risen to 345 employees

2017: Due to the very good order situation in the recent years and the expansion of the
Automotive & Marine Sector, the number of employees worldwide rose to almost
400 employees