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Grinding works play an important role in the fine machining of plant components, not only during production, but also during repairs and maintenance. The very precise procedure requires the highest accuracy and perfect precision. However, it is not necessary to dismantle individual components and transport them to a workshop. ARNOLD offer you mobile sanding for a wide range of applications - without any loss of time or transport risk and with minimal downtime.

Sealing surfaces, races, blades and other contact surfaces that no longer meet the geometric requirements, rotates and grinds ARNOLD with the help of mobile grinding equipment, so that they meet the highest demands again. Upon request, we will gladly provide you with a supporting image proof.

Finishing and precision grinding

Thanks to the many years of experience of our employees and their work with precise grinding equipment, we can provide precision machining with the utmost precision. Thanks to our expertise and our know-how, you receive workshop quality directly on site.

Even for complex shapes or difficult conditions, we develop individual solutions that allow the system to function optimally. The focus here is on the requirements on site. The goal: to grind plant components as quickly and efficiently as possible, thus avoiding failures and maintaining the profitability of the plant.

Blade grinding for the efficiency of gas turbines

In particular, turbine blades must be precisely tailored to their career. Only then can the efficiency of a gas turbine in power generation be maintained or increased. Even with the new installation highest precision is required. ARNOLD specializes in the on-site sanding of turbine blades and can perform sanding on both mobile and on-machine turbine rotors, as well as on turbine blades, using mobile sanders.

Standard solutions are not up to our standard. Our ARNOLD specialists will find the best possible grinding solution for you - for every application and directly on site.