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Ventilation Engineering

Ventilation pipes and air conditioning ducts convey treated air through the entire building. This air should be distributed as energy-saving and with little heat or cold loss. Also, the protection of air ducts against condensation is essential in ventilation technology to avoid damage to the insulation or ceilings. Thus, ventilation technology in industry not only contributes to a smooth and long-term secure process, but also brings economic and ecological benefits.

Here, complex structural conditions often make high demands on the ventilation technology. The space available, the optimum shape and any weather conditions, among other factors, must always be taken into account in the planning and development of ventilation technologies. To find an optimal result and the best possible solution requires the support of a specialist.

Efficiency, sustainability and quality characterize the intelligent ventilation technology from ARNOLD. We guarantee a fast, functional and tailor-made conception of your ventilation system and thanks to our own production in Germany we can respond not only promptly but also highly individually to your wishes.

High-quality insulation for modern ventilation technology

As a specialist in insulation and insulation, ARNOLD is also a leader in ventilation technology. There insulation not only have a temperature-insulating character and prevent heat or cold losses, but also serve as sound insulation against external sound radiation, such as machinery. The formation of condensation can and must be prevented with the right insulation in ventilation technology.

The choice of insulating materials depends on the particular function of the air duct and the specific location in or on the building and the related ambient temperature and humidity. ARNOLD uses only high-quality insulation materials that are quick and easy to process, protect the environment from dust and bacteria and make cleaning easy. In addition, the insulation materials used by ARNOLD naturally comply with all common guidelines and regulations.

The prerequisite for effective ventilation technology is the correct installation of the insulation by experienced ventilation technicians. Our employees have many years of know-how in the planning and installation of tailor-made ventilation technology and are happy to inform you about ventilation solutions that are precisely tailored to your needs.