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Protection against Heat

Energy-intensive industrial plants can not do without effective thermal insulation. Too high would be the heat and energy loss as well as the risks for employees, if the process energy from pipes, boilers, tanks or other equipment elements would be lost. ARNOLD thermal insulation therefore significantly reduces operating costs and makes an important contribution to environmental protection and longevity of the systems themselves. Thus, professional thermal insulation is not only a necessary, but also a sustainable and profitable investment for your company.

The ARNOLD thermal insulation can be used for all shapes, surfaces and temperature ranges. The fabrics and insulating materials we use are characterized by their versatile material properties. Cut and tear resistance, vibration resistance and oil, liquid and spark resistance enable use in a wide range of environments. So we can offer you an individual product that is exactly tailored to your needs.

Benefits of ARNOLD thermal insulation

The professional, flexible, single-layer insulation systems from ARNOLD offer numerous advantages in the field of thermal insulation that will convince you:

  • Durable and high quality insulation as well as mechanical stability for fabrics, insulation materials and threads
  • High cost-effectiveness of insulation thanks to rapid amortization
  • Increased safety for your employees (ArbStättV BGV A 1)
  • Simple measurement of thermal insulation by standardized forms
  • Even with poor accessibility and maintenance-intensive systems, space-saving insulation solutions provide a remedy
  • The easy disassembly and reassembly of the thermal insulation, the reduced weight and the intelligent hook-and-loop fastener system save a great deal of time and money on revisions
  • Significantly reduced fiber fly, since all fibers are included
  • Short delivery times, high flexibility and individual solutions

Together with you, we plan cost-efficient and tailor-made thermal insulation for every application. Perfect fit and efficiency are guaranteed thanks to computer-aided 3D planning.

Take advantage of the great savings potential of ARNOLD thermal insulation systems and thus sustainably reduce your energy costs. We are happy to help.

Protection against Cold

Not only in the field of thermal insulation, but also in cold protection can realize enormous energy savings potential and climate protection can be promoted. Low temperatures are much more expensive to produce than heat. Therefore both process cooling and cryogenic cooling pose special challenges for the insulating material.

Perfect workmanship and optimum fit are essential, as otherwise condensation can lead to freezer burn. Damage to the corresponding component as well as the insulation system are thus favored. That's why ARNOLD processes flexible and reliable Armaflex insulation, which can further prevent the formation of condensation.

In addition, compliance with the prescribed operating and media temperatures plays an important role in the cold protection insulation. Over the entire life of the cold insulation must withstand extreme conditions. Robust and durable materials are therefore indispensable. In order to develop tailor-made and functional insulation systems, ARNOLD is entirely geared to the requirements of your company.

Tailored cold protection insulation for every application

ARNOLD offers high quality materials and individual cold protection solutions for every application. We continuously work on the further development and optimization of our solutions and products, so that you always benefit from modern and innovative insulation systems. Regular checks ensure that we deliver you first-class quality every time you can rely on.

The aim of our professional cold insulation is to reduce operating and energy costs, to maintain the value of the plants in the long term and thus to enable a sustainable economy. For low-maintenance as well as maintenance-intensive system parts, we therefore develop and produce insulated thermal insulation that meets the highest demands. Our experts have extensive expertise in all design and technical issues. The ARNOLD refrigeration specialists also find the right solution for your system.

Protection against Noise

All around us are sources of noise that cause a permanent increase in noise. Whether road traffic, construction or other environmental noise - the noise pollution is severe. What is already noticeable in the everyday environment becomes a problem in industrial plants. Noise-intensive systems have been proven to affect the performance and well-being of employees. The constant background noise prevents such a productive working environment and affects the quality of life lasting.

However, noise is not only unpleasant, but also harmful to the body and psyche in the long term. The health consequences must not be underestimated in any modern operation. Finally, the so-called noise deafness is one of the most common occupational diseases. The use of ARNOLD soundproofing insulation therefore not only improves the working environment, but also occupational safety within the meaning of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, which sets certain limits for noise pollution at the workplace.

Sound insulation for a quiet workplace

Noise sources should be identified in the planning phase and eliminated by effective soundproofing. Thanks to our many years of experience in the field of sound insulation, we can contribute to an audible reduction of noise emissions with functional insulation systems. High-quality insulating materials absorb the sound and thus effectively keep the noise away.

The areas of application of ARNOLD sound insulation include:

  • Soundproof enclosures and measuring rooms
  • Room acoustics
  • Sound insulation for industry and power plants
  • Noise barriers
  • Silencer and backdrops

 In order to meet our high quality standards, we work together with various institutes and universities, always keeping up to date with the latest technology and innovation. Global leaders in the automotive, energy and other industries rely on our expertise in soundproofing. Trust in ARNOLD insulation systems.

Protection against Fire

A fire in industrial plants can have disastrous consequences and not only cause property damage, but also demand human lives. However, the increasingly complex developments in the supply engineering of buildings, power plants and technical systems lead to an enormously increased risk of fires and the transmission of flue gases. It is therefore all the more important to integrate structural fire protection into the building design very early on. Legal standards for preventive fire protection measures also play an important role and must be adhered to.

ARNOLD offers you comprehensive and individual system solutions around the topic of fire protection. Our team of experts focuses on the conditions and requirements on site and finds the appropriate fire protection insulation for every area of ​​application. But not only for new buildings, but also for the retrofitting of older plants, the professional expertise of a fire protection specialist is indispensable to ensure the safety, to avoid property damage and to save lives.

Extensive fire protection measures for your safety

In the design of a fire safety insulation according to needs, factors such as building size and class as well as the use of the building are taken into account in order to develop an effective fire protection, which guarantees the safety of man and company. ARNOLD fire protection insulation uses only high quality materials that meet the highest demands.

Our range of comprehensive fire protection measures includes:

  • Sheathing steel beams and ventilation ducts
  • Installation of fire walls, doors and ceilings
  • Insulation of electrical cables and lines in wall ducts

Despite the greatest precautionary measures in the operation of smaller fires can not be completely ruled out. Effective fire protection prevents major damage. Put the safety of your industrial plant and your employees in the hands of professionals. The ARNOLD fire protection specialists develop customized solutions for you.