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Cast Iron Repair

The repair of broken or cracked castings or cast steel always holds a great challenge, since cast iron can only be welded to a certain extent. Therefore, ARNOLD offers a cold process, the cast iron repair. This avoids thermal stress problems, as for example through welding and preserves the original alignment.

The proven 80-year-old cast iron repair, also known as interlocking technology, can be performed directly on a component on-site. The component does not have to be dismounted for repair.

Repair method:

  1. Analysis of the crack     
  2. Component is realigned and held in place    
  3. Hole groups are drilled across the break line using special drilling templates     
  4. Connection of the individual holes by means of a pneumatic power chisel   
  5. Special locking bars are inserted into the openings and caulked form-locking     
  6. Drilling of further threaded holes and caulk along the break line with grub screws     
  7. Pressure-sealed connection by meshing individual pins     
  8. Removal of the remaining raw metal with the pneumatic chisel     
  9. Finishing of the entire repair area   
10. New coat of lacquer


  • NO disassembly of the broken component
  • NO temperature stress and thermal distortion on components
  • NO deformation of the components
  • Steaming and absorption of compressive stress
  • Low expansion coefficient of the repaired metal
  • Preservation of the alignment as well as the original surface
  • Cost savings through shorter downtimes
  • Cost savings because no purchase of new and expensive castings needed